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How Can I Ease the Pain?

Ellie Granger-Delacour
23 January
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This is the writing journal of hermiones_star. It is now FRIENDS ONLY. Please comment to be added and tell me what you think of my work.

The Writer

Ellie Granger was born in California 13 years ago and still is there to this day. She's been writing since she was a girl and it's basically in her blood. Her mother was really good at creative writing and the trait must've been passed down to Ellie. She currently resides in California with her parents, little sister, and pets, writing constantly and trying to survive 7th grade.

Rules and Warnings

1) Comment and tell me your opinions.
2) Don't steal my stuff.
3) Don't bash my ships. I write for all different ships for different fandoms, so be kind.
4) Don't promote your communities to me unless they have to do with writing fanfiction or just writing stuff period. Okay?

1) I write R and NC-17 rated fics so please be warned. If you don't like that stuff, you don't have to read that entry. ;)
2) I have the tendency to use a lot of cuss words. So be warned if you aren't the one for cussing.
3) I write FEMMESLASH fics as well. Which is a girl/girl pairing. I don't write regular slash fics since I'm not into guy/guy as I am into girl/girl. ;)